Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zachary Update....

For those of you who have been following or praying for Zachary's medical issues, we have some awesome news!

Zachary had one of his arthritis clinics yesterday.  They happen about every 3 months and at the clinic he is seen by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and the pediatric rheumatologist.  They use these clinics to see how a person's arthritis is progressing (or diminishing!) and keep us on track with our medications and exercises etc.

When they all saw him yesterday they were thrilled with the movement in his wrist and when asked to move both the left and right hands together none of us could see any difference whatsoever.  The rheumatologist has asked that he stay on his medication for just another two months to make sure he's totally settled, but thinks that if there is no change by the next clinic he may be off of his meds altogether.  As soon as we got back to the car we prayed and thanked God for his healing and that he is pain-free.  It's hard to remember back to the days when he was in pain every single day, stopping him participating in playing with his friends, sports and many other activities.  We are so blessed.

In other CRAZY news, Zachary starts High School next week !! AAAGGGGHHHHHH
Now granted his school (PCS) doesn't have a middle school so it's a year early but still.... crazy.  Above are photos from his 'Grade 7 Graduation'.  Proud moment :)