Monday, August 27, 2007

Long time no blog........

Well, at the request of a friend I have taken the time to update the blog. It's true....I'm not sure anyone reads this anymore after the invasion of facebook. So, if I'm wrong, feel free to drop me a line and I'll make sure I'm more consistent in the world of blogdom.

I guess it's been a month since the last entry. Luke & Helena's wedding to be exact. Not had great weather since then here in Victoria I'm sad to say. Making a lot of people wish they had booked some time outside of Vic for the month of August. Trust me, we are some of those people!

But we have managed to fit in some friend-time sandwiched between more work on the fence at the front yard and ripping out bushes in the back yard. And a friend of mine has asked me to make her wedding cake so after a very rough 'trial cake' using a new recipe for rolled fondant, I decided to say Yes. I'm very excited about it actually, I love cake-making and have wishes to learn more about decorating than I already know so here is my chance. I'll keep you posted on how the prep goes.

Oh, and a big WELL DONE to Jacquelyn for running the IRONMAN today in Penticton! YES, I SAID IRONMAN! Can't wait to hear all about it Jac.

Last week was a really relaxing, albeit short, break for us. I took 2 days off work and the four of us went up to Horne Lake for two days with Jeni & Aaron at her parents cabin. It was awesome! Just what we all needed. Zachary was in his water-baby heaven and Brooklyn had a hoot with us all in the 3-person tube. We also had an interesting time trying to persuade B. that it was okay to pee in the lake since we had stopped the boat in the middle of it for a swim and no-one was in a hurry to go back. We had our initiation with ConeZone and also got to see the Horne Lake caves. Very interesting. But most of all it was just fun to hang out with friends and relax. As Jeni put it, operating with 'no schedule' is very therapeutic. Enjoy the pics. And Jeni - enjoy the music! (Remind you of a little dance-party perhaps???)