Monday, September 26, 2011

Rachel is back on Facebook! well.... kinda.....

I should say, Rachel~Cakes is on facebook!  I am still not planning on re-entering the world of 'friends' and 'messages' BUT my business is !  So feel free to 'like' my page!  You know.... if you actually like my page .... It seems I had to create a profile (which I was trying to avoid) in order to create a page.  But I plan to really only work off of the page and keep it strictly business.

In other news - Brooklyn tried a chocolate brownie recipe we have never tried before and I'm not lying when I say this.  BEST BROWNIE TO COME OUT OF MY KITCHEN.  EVERRRRR  !!!  It densified (is that a word?) once it cooled and was like a bite of fudge-ie heaven.  Delish.

Other than that the only news here is the horribly windy, rainy day we see before us here in Victoria.  Summer was definitely not long enough.  Oh well.  Alive, happy and healthy so really have nothing to complain about.  Happy Fall Y'all :)