Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Family Reunion!

So we recently had a family event in Sidney - my Grandad's 90th birthday. What is more shocking than him turning 90 is the fact that he is completely with all his faculties. (Well, perhaps with less memory but still functioning nonetheless). It is amazing when you think of what someone's life has seen in the way of changes in society over a period of 90 years. Happy Birthday Mush!

Although it was much too short of a visit I got to see my aunt and uncle from Three Hills and my youngest cousin Brian (missed you Dennis!). And to toot my cousin's horn for him, at the end of the meal he stepped up to the grand piano and played some awesome post-dinner music. Beautiful stuff.

Here's what his composition and keyboard playing sound like on "Water". Enjoy.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Post.... a short one

Well, the move went well.... we've still got some things to put away, hang, fix etc. but the basics are done. But no, I'm not posting any after pics yet - until I feel it's really done I'll just be frustrated by posting it 'almost finished'.

Very tiring renovating. And I'm usually a 100% go go go person but I'm feeling a tad flat. My kids are also out of sorts, absolutely knackered and tired of being dragged from Rona to Home Depot etc.

Still, this too shall pass, every day is feeling a little more normal and I'm really excited to be in my beautiful new home. Can't wait for you all to see it.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well, well well....

What an exciting day it's been - thanks to the prayers of many we sold our house today. First offer given, and accepted. THANK YOU JESUS!

And on Saturday we booked a moving truck for this Wednesday (before having sold) so after this week is over I will finally be planted in my new house with almost all of the renovations completed. Only minor things left to be done now. I will send photos once it's all set up but I'm pretty knackered and I still have to do some packing tonight.

BUT - the big blessing is, new people don't take this place until mid-March so we have plenty of time to clean it up, get everything out etc.

Peace, love and joy out and up,

PS - Rayael sent me a link to these guys and a song they did - which was freaking hilarious - but then I clicked on one of their other performances and let's just say that .... well, the last minute's concept is a tad off but seriously I am CRYING MY EYES OUT WATCHING IT. FUNNIEST THING EVER. You must see and give me your opinion. Is it just that my brain and stress levels make this 'seem' funny or are you too busting a gut??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eum-W589NIs&mode=related&search==

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Run-in at Canadian Tire

I'm taking a coffee break here at the office to update my blog and recap what happened to me last night.

I was at Canadian Tire (on one of many trips for the new house supplies) last night with Brooklyn as Darrell desperately needed a part for our new stove.

We were in rather a long line up and were waiting for the next till over to open. It was at the point where I was the next person in line at the till we were lining up for, with a woman (in her 30's or 40's, too young to be grumpy) lining up behind me.

The girl at the till that was not yet opened said to my oblivion "I can help whoever is next in line" at which the woman behind me moved over to pay for her items. I turned and noticed this, started to move my buggy over and then thought to let it go. At which point, the kind Canadian Tire employee said to this woman, "I think that girl over there was ahead of you"

Ok - so here is the kicker. Yes, I was in a hurry. Yes, I started to make my way over to take my rightful place in line but ended up foregoing my turn as the quick woman had jumped ahead of me. The woman who had jumped ahead of me, obviously in a bad mood and feeling ticked that she was being 'reprimanded' by the C.T. girl, said OUT LOUD "Well she should have been listening".

Foul. Foul Mood. I was feeling defiant and said 'Well sorr-rr-y" as I passed her to take my rightful place in line. Now you have to understand, this is a bit out of character for me. I may be thinking those sarcastic words but I don't usually come right out and verbalize them. So back in the van I explained what had happened to Brooklyn and we discussed how important it is to not be rude to people, even if you are being treated unfairly etc. And Mummy had to apologize for the words she retaliated with.

But it got me to thinking.......so often we feel treated unfairly, unjustly, as if we deserve better. And we may in anger, defiance or sheer frustration say things we don't mean or push to get what is 'rightfully ours'.

Jesus didn't do any of those things. He was treated as the lowest of the low, he was spit upon, he was beaten, he was ignored. He, the one without sin or blame, was despised more than any other. And yet, after experiencing all of those things still chose to give the most sacrificial gift ever known to man. His Life. For us. The unworthy, the ungodly, the selfish. We don't deserve half of what we have here in the modern world. Nothing will teach you that more than a missions trip which I highly encourage. Staring into the faces of those beautiful, hungry and dirty Mexican children was enough to bring me to tears and feel so thankful and grateful for what we have.

But more than that - we are all equal in God's eyes. All unworthy ....and yet..... all loved to the point of human sacrifice. So, the next time someone cuts you off on the highway, or in the aisle of Canadian Tire, remember that God loves you to the point of death and that your reaction might be watched by a little child who needs you to teach her that your blessings in life are so great that we should never feel like we deserved 'more' or 'better'. And if you find yourself in a place where 'more' or 'better' does come your way, then you know who to thank.