Monday, November 12, 2007

Almost a month ago?

Well this is quite pathetic. My last blog was almost a month ago and in it I start telling you how I was sick. Well.... not much has changed. I'm now on day 7 of this month's bug. It started as a flu, then a cold and now I've got a cough that kept me up the entire night yesterday. Oh well.... life goes on.

Lots has happened!

Firstly we had a cheerleader and a pirate for Halloween. We once again went trick or treating with Todd & Rayael's kids along with Justine and Tricia with Hunter, Rob & Sherry with Kyle & Mariah and Brian and Beth with cutie Sienna.

I had a lovely visit from Craig and Jacquelyn a few days later and we ate cake with tea. And we laughed, we was a beautiful thing.

Then I started my second cake decorating course - fondant and gum paste. And this time, I get to do it with Tricia - YAY! Way more fun with a friend. The bonus is there are only 3 of us in the class so lots of room on the decorating table. Looking forward to see what we learn this time.

Last but not least, last week we had a surprise visit - Kelly rang me asking if I wanted to run. I said I couldn't (heading to the cake course) so we hung up. A minute later her phone rang me again only for me to hear my sister's voice at the other end! She and Mike and Jack had gone to Seattle for a few days and decided to come up to visit for some extra time. They stayed from Tuesday night until Sunday morning. So much fun, seriously the most beautiful baby boy around.

(Sorry I gave you my cold Anna and Jack!)

Then Friday we had the pleasure of having Miles & Louise and 2 of their kids with Ken & Debbie (and Erica) come over for a pizza supper. It was fun to all be together in the same city!

And yes, although some of my friends think I'm nuts....I've already done my Christmas decorating! Yippee.....almost December.

Next week my Mum arrives after her missionary work in Honduras!