Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Babys, Spa Day and Flowers

Well it's been a fun couple of days so far. I got to visit my friend Elizabeth and her new gorgeous baby Maya. Then yesterday Tracey had her baby ! Way to go Tracey! Can't wait to meet little Joshua.

Then yesterday I had a great girly evening with crazy Kelly. First we went to the Ocean Pointe Spa for a gorgeous scrub (if decided between the scrub and massage, choose the scrub - you'll still get the massage for the same price!) If you haven't been, it's glorious. Low beautiful music, candles and wonderful towels everywhere. Then we walked through some shops for a little girlie shopping, followed by dinner at a restaurant I'd never been to before - the Mint. Awesome! Last of all we got locked out of my house for a short while - babysitter fell asleep and couldn't hear us knocking or the telephone! (still love you Jonathan :)

Our house right now is a flower-lovers paradise. Whoever planted it was very smart; as one set of flowers dies, a brand new set of a different variety seems to flower. It's like a symphony; every new plant plays it's part and overlaps the last one. Best of all is this: I absolutely LOVE rose bushes and told Darrell while dating that when we owned our own house I wanted them in my garden - and now I have 17!

So, I'm going to try and post a slideshow of them - they are so gorgeous, I just took a few photos of them this week right after they were rained on. There is also a couple of pics of my baskets.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Great News!

Well, we've finally heard the report. Paris made it through her first night in jail.

I know.

I was relieved too.