Sunday, October 26, 2008


Lately I've been very concerned and preoccupied with trying to cultivate mission-mindedness with my two children. I really felt after I returned from Mexico that every Christian should try and do at least one mission trip in their lifetime. After seeing the people, especially children, living in that level of poverty I was crushed in the realization of what we have here.

Because, as North Americans, we really don't get it. We really don't truly understand the suffering that is going on elsewhere in the world, and I suppose we really can't until we've seen it with our own eyes. Sure, television and visiting missionaries with their slideshows give us a small indication of what it is like in troubled areas, but until you have seen it for yourself it isn't enough to really settle into your psyche.

Couple this with the fact that my two children, as I'm sure many other parents are feeling these days, are spoiled. Not in a 'we will give you anything because we're loaded (! haha)' kind of way, but in the way that they've never had to sacrifice anything or go without life's necessities. And they've had plenty of extras on top of the necessities.

So, when I heard that the Life: Just Add Water tour was coming to Victoria I had a talk with Zachary & Brooklyn. I told them what it was all about, that they were raising money to build water wells in places where children are without water and that anyone who paid for a concert ticket (Vicky Beeching and Bluetree) would be helping fund that cause. I emailed their teachers and told them my thoughts, and that if the kids wanted to go, could they please be allowed to come in a little late on Friday morning. Both teachers were fully behind the idea but the crux of it was, if Zachary & Brooklyn wanted to come, they needed to pay for it with their own money. The tickets were $10. Well, I was very pleased that they were both interested and wanted to pay for their own ticket (even Brooklyn, who really doesn't have much to start with). So we went to the bank, withdrew the cash, and then I drove them down to the church where they both handed Becky their $10 bill.

The concert was great, although poor Vicky Beeching lost power 3 times in her set. And yet, her response to it and her testament that Satan would not stop us worshipping no matter what, was very inspiring and led to some sweet worship time. Bluetree were electric! They had a great rock sound with some added computer sounds too. And the funniest part, being that they were the loudest band, was that Zachary fell asleep half way through their set!! I guess that proves what level I play my music here at home, it's rock and loud and it makes him the most comfortable.

This of course was only a small part towards trying to keep their eyes open to the plight of others and how God has called us to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and stand up for those without a voice. I pray that he will work in their hearts to really feel a burden for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall so far....

Well, things are well underway with school, jazz, musical theatre, football and church activities. We are finding the fall 'groove' so to speak. So far so good.

We may have to move Zachary's football to another district though. Unfortunately this year things are completely chaotic and two weeks of only finding out Friday night the schedule for Saturday, have left us feeling pretty frustrated. We will see how this pans out but he may be wearing a new jersey sooner than you think.

Both kids love their teachers although Brooklyn's is pregnant and she will get her replacement in January. But Zachary is especially thrilled as he has his first male teacher, and it's the same guy who taught him Art last year and who with he struck up a special 'artistic bond'. So that's a blessing.

I finished another wedding cake - for Derek & Crystal Fonk. It turned out well I think; exactly the same as the picture she gave me, but with flowers in colours that matched her wedding. The decor at the reception was beautiful, all in deep reds and at Olympic View facing the golf course. Beautiful Location.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all, enjoy your long weekends before we all head back to the grind on Tuesday!