Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Update

As prompted by my sister-in-law, I am updating my blog.......

And, since my last post we had a little girl turn 8 (WOW!) and a son about to turn 10(MORE WOW!!) this coming Tuesday.

There is something eerie about having your first child turn double-digits. It's weird. It sounds old. And you can't believe you have now been a Mother for a whole decade! It is by far the biggest blessing (well two blessings actually...) in my life and I just treasure them both so much.

So for Brooklyn's birthday she decided she wanted a party at home (cheaper but far messier!) and would like to make AND ice her own birthday cake!! Girl after my own heart..... so we had a horse-themed party and she made a horse's head cake. Not bad hey?

Then today I finished my first of 3 wedding cakes; one every Saturday until April 25th. The colour scheme was gold and teal and this was by design of my meeting with the bride and groom.

Not much else to report but I guess there will be after Zachary turns 10 !!!