Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Fun at Midnight!

Ok. Don't judge me.
I know my children are only 9 and 11 years old but the choice we made last night resulted in family memories we'll have forever.

We had quite a heavy snowfall last night. It was a Tuesday which is when our Bible study meets at our house so around 9:30pm or so once everyone had gone, the kids got in their PJ's and into their beds, and I did a bit of kitchen cleanup before heading downstairs to jump on the treadmill. By this time it was quite thick outside and someone had rung the house to say Haliburton was closed by the police because someone slipped into the highway etc.

Fastforward to 10:40pm. Darrell is playing hockey and due home within 20 minutes and I’m 5 minutes away from the end of my run so running quite hard. We get a power outage....while I’m running on the treadmill! Imagine that !! It actually could have been a little dangerous because my machine came to quite a quick stop but not quickly enough to jar me or cause any injury so for that built-in-slow-down mechanism, I'm grateful.

The kids, however, weren’t totally asleep (excitement about the possibility of finally using their new sleds the following day) and suddenly Brooklyn got a bit scared so I made my way upstairs and lit candles everywhere and told them they could come out of bed and watch the snow through the windows by candlelight with me (aahhh).

Well 20 mins. later Darrell gets home from hockey and says he’s a bit hungry. And I was feeling a bit disappointed that I couldn’t have any tea after my shower (which, incidentally, was in the dark but lit by Brooklyn holding a flashlight shining at an angle at the bathroom mirror which completely lit up the shower stall - genius!)

SOOOO – we all got into his truck and we drove to Tim Horton’s in our jammies !!!! The kids thought it was awesome; we are sitting at Timmy’s at midnight in our pj’s (except Darrell who explained that as he was paying, he was not held to the same jammies-requirement), eating donuts, drinking tea and are the only other people in there except the workers from BC Hydro!!!! Haha

Shockingly though, in town today the snow is all gone as it didn’t freeze and then started to rain in the middle of the night. So my children, who I’m sure thought there’d be no school today, will be more than zonked by the day's end.

I am just hoping that the giggles that ensued as we looked at each other in our flannels and housecoats, will far surpass one day's exhaustion :)