Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Their Royal Highnesses!

Yes - I do love the Royal Family.
No - not everyone from England agrees with me.
Yes - I do realize that their meaning in modern-day culture has greatly dwindled.
But No - I don't think that means we should get rid of them.!
Here is the thing - whether you are a monarchist or not, if you are English the Royal Family has been part of your life and lives of your ancestors for as long as you have been alive. This means that they have been mentioned in media, sited at the Village Green and discussed at the Local Pub since you were born and long before.
So for me, if there is a Royal Wedding to watch, I shall be watching.
Which brings me to the most FABULOUS breakfast I attended this past Friday morning with my sweet friend Jill. She could be considered more of a Royalist than myself as she has actually met Prince Charles and Camilla in person. And in fact it was she that told me of this glorious event which we decided we just must attend.

The Empress Hotel was hosting a Rise 'n Shine British Breakfast Buffet with the Royals and we were not going to be left out on the streets hungry! This is why we joined 400 other crazy people to be at the Empress Hotel in the tearoom and enjoy a buffet breakfast while watching the wedding unfold on various big screen TV's.

The breakfast included every british fave menu item - baked beans, mushrooms, eggs made to order, bangers and bacon and .... a fave of mine.... kippers! It was amazing and of course the teapot just kept-a-flowing. Add to that the excitement of being interviewed by Global TV and you have a morning to remember. We ate from 2:30am until 5:30am (as one does....) and I even made it home in time to take the kids to school. It was a sweet wedding, watched with a sweet friend, and a delicious breakfast.
So I say raise your glass to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Catherine. In this day and age when gloomy news abounds, it is nice to have something positive to look upon. Even if it is across the ocean. Long Live the Queen !!
Recognize anyone in the video below?http://www.globaltvbc.com/video/index.html