Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The REAL reason the Canucks had to beat the Blackhawks!

Back when it was a no-brainer that the Canucks would make it through the first round (!!!) Zachary had a birthday. April 14th. And because it was a WHEN kind of question, and not an IF question, his birthday card contained this special 'ticket':
Well, after they lost 3 straight games to Chicago, Zachary's face fell and he suddenly looked at me in a panic as he said "What were you going to give me if they DON'T make it through?" HAHA!
Poor guy - we had NO BACKUP PLAN! Because we didn't think we'd need it.... fortunately thanks to Mr. Burrows I believe we are back on track.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Son !

Today is my baby boy's 12th Birthday ! Happy Birthday Zachary !

Twelve years has flown by in the space of a nano-second. I know that every parent says that and I know that it drives every non-parent crazy. But it seriously is the truth. They grow up and you just can't believe where the time has gone (like the fact that as I'm writing this particular paragraph it is now 4 days AFTER his birthday a
nd I still haven't finished this post!)
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So I wanted to just have a little display of pictures dedicated to the boy with the sweetest disposition I know. Yes he can play cops and robbers with the best of them, but on a day-to-day basis I am simply left marveling at his precious little personality. How his dimple can make me smile and wish he was a baby all over again so I could hold him so close that he could never let go. How he makes everyone in our family laugh their heads off at his funny anecdotes quick wit. And how whenever he sees the frustration on my face as a result of something he has done, he instantly hangs his head and says "I'm sorry Mummy" in a way that just melts my heart.

I love you little man.
Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Spring Break...... neglectful parenting ?

So our kids always get 2 weeks Spring Break and frankly, it's a bit of a nuisance. While other parents (from what they've told us) have taken their kids to Hawaii, Mexico and down-south, we took our kids to Thrifty's for groceries, and the bank to withdraw their allowance. And that was AFTER we were done working. So yes, there were a couple of days they were left to their own devices to keep themselves busy for the day.

Both Darrell & I had to work the entire first week and a half as it is the busiest season in both jobs in March so holiday was out. But after the guilt had set in as we let other families take our kids to the movies, swimming and over for playdates, we did manage to take 2 days off this week and get them to Vancouver for a night. We stayed at the River Rock Casino and Resort which is a beautiful hotel with a great swimming pool and waterslide. I hit up Forever 21 yesterday with Brooklyn then we all hit up IKEA for a quick 45 minute visit. Thank you oh Sweden for free kids meals during Spring Break week !!

Some may say 24 hours is not enough to treat your kids to a getaway but as we laughed while watching Zachary canonball into the pool, and Brooklyn wondering what BEST SALAD tasted like at the Dinner Buffet (it was BEET!) I would beg to differ.

Family Moments. Sometimes they are long, sometimes they are short. But they're always worth catching whenever possible.