Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Weekend....

Nothing new to report here. I've been sick since about Thursday and it appears I may have given it to Darrell. Not too great since he works another 10 hour shift tomorrow, but like he said - it's not like working at Sears when you had to be 'up' all the time. Might not be so bad. Actually, I'm up blogging because 'going to bed early' wasn't working for me. Having no use of either nostrils makes sleeping a real nuisance. Who knew noses were so important?

We (as a result) laid very low this weekend. All except for taking Zachary to his football games and Brooklyn to dance class. Zachary was with a team for 2 weeks and was then asked if he'd consider moving to a different one which was lacking players. We (myself and Z) pleasantly said 'Sure' in an effort to help out wherever possible (Z at this point was not bothered about it). Big mistake. The new coach should I say?.....very uptight and takes things far too seriously for a bunch of 8 year olds. First practise there was a new boy - never played before in his life. He was crying by the time the game ended. And he chided the ref yesterday for not making good calls in our game. A FOURTEEN year old ref who just wanted to go home after a day's work but couldn't because our coach was in his face. It was embarassing actually. And don't get me wrong, I don't want to be that parent that kicks up a huge fuss - there will always be people in authority in your life who are not your favourite, or with whom you disagree. You have to learn to live with that. But come on, they're 8 years old.

And then there's Brookyn's musical theatre class. Different story - great teacher and B is in her ELEMENT! She sings and moves with such sass and attitude you would think she was born in the theatre. She must get that from Darrell! Yep, can't wait for that recital.

Well, I'm going to try hitting the hay again and see what happens. Ciao.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Life Change

Well the Richmonds have experienced a big change as of late. It started a month ago with a letter that began as follows:

"After having worked for your company for the past 22 (!!!!) years, please accept my letter of resignation."

YEP - Darrell has left Sears. He is now the general manager at Richlock Rentals (owned by his cousin) and although he works long days (7am to 5pm to start) he has EVERY weekend off. He has worked weekends ever since we met (17 years ago), and this past weekend he enjoyed 3 days with his family. NOT WORKING!

It is a miracle.