Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Girls - Question for you.....

Ok - for the girls now....

I know this is a strange question but just because it's so randomly bizarre I had to ask. Have you ever washed a bra, waited for it to dry, put it away in your lingerie drawer only to pull it out ready to wear it and discovered a foreign object inside?

Such was my plight this morning. Pulled out a pretty mauve one, opened it up and found a walnut stuck to the inside of one of the cups. I know, pretty personal but how bizarre is that? I SAID A WALNUT !

And you know what - I do a lot of baking but can't remember the last time I used a recipe involving walnuts.

One of life's great mysteries - that and the Caramilk bar.

It's late - great dinner with A & J, followed by dessert on the sundeck under the patio heater. I think I'm done in... ciao.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


This past week was our first full-Fall week. All events that will weekly take place for the Richmonds were in full swing this week. Sunday - church a.m. followed by church p.m. Monday - work/kids in school, Zachary at soccer practise at 5:15pm. Wednesday - kids in school, Brooklyn in tap/ballet at 4:55pm. Friday - kids in school, Zachary at hockey at 3:40pm. Saturday morning - Zachary playing soccer at 9am. It turns out there are officially no more sleep-in days at our place.

And how do we feel about all this? Frankly, I had forgotten we did all this stuff last year. Theory about September - the natural light goes down, the activities go up and people are walking about in states of stress and flu. Vitamin C - I'm stockpiling it and making my kids have them at breakfast. Zachary had stomach flu last Wednesday night and I do NOT want to repeat that 11pm to 5pm shift again this winter.

On a happier note - there are more reasons than ever to put the kettle on and there are some really cute sweaters at Winners.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wedding Anniversary

WOW - yesterday was our 13th anniversary and Darrell surprised me with a couple of wonderful things - first he gave me a HUGE bouquet of beautiful purple flowers (Purple is my absolute favourite colour). Next he told me he had made plans for dinner and we drove downtown for my mystery dinner tour. Appetizers were at the Tapa Bar (delicious almond stuffed dates....) and dinner at the Blue Crab (Lobster, steak, scallops, prawns) with the most gorgeous view of the harbour, a window seat. Each time we drove I had no idea where we were going. It was such a great treat and we had such a relaxing evening.

Thanks babe - I love you - Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Dog......Arrested???

Yes, yes, yes.... I know that Dog the Bounty Hunter has been arrested. And Yes, I appreciate the irony. But NO, I have not lost faith in him. He was bringing to justice a serial rapist. Yes, a Max Factor heir but nonetheless.... A RAPIST people.

He just maybe should have followed protocol in doing so but really - he was catching the bad guys.

I still stand behind the man.

I am done now.

Justin brought up a very good point - what WOULD their shower drain look like with all that hair?


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Zachary Wakeboarding

Here are a couple of pictures of Zachary wakeboarding - courtesy of our buddy Oliver:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reality Bizarro-world

Ok, I have a confession to make in the world of TV viewership. I'm not one for much reality TV. I've enjoyed half of an American Idol finale and seen one or two seasons of the Apprentice but on the whole, I avoid the whole genre.

Which is why it might surprise you to know that of all the reality shows I DON'T watch, the one that I DO is a bit on the edge of tacky ...... Ok so it's a LOT on the edge of tacky.

I need to confess that I am a fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Not even a slight fan, but have watched back-to-back episodes with a gleeful delight and a twinkle in the eye awaiting the inevitable 'catch of the day'. Dog - or Duane as he was born - is a complete human anomaly. He was a murderer, jailed and released, has many children by various mothers but has turned his life around and now catches bond-jumpers. But the most fascinating part of this show is the family dynamics. He has his son, brother and wife on his bounty team and all of them add a colourful glow to the program. Like the time Dog chased down a criminal across the highway, threw him to the ground while calling him a **** mother bleep-er. And then, when he calmed down and threw him in the back of the SUV, told the guy he needed to straighten up for the sake of his kids, needed to be a good father and needed to find the Lord. Yes, needed to find the Lord.

This is a family that huddles together to pray before heading out to find a fugitive but then swears at the criminals like a bunch of sailors. Honestly, at first I hated it, but I've been won over.

Now don't even get me started on Orange County Choppers - another classic. Family dynamics at its best. If you've never seen Mikey backtalking his Dad after a huge family business fight.... you haven't lived.....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Check out this Video!

My friend Justin M. who is a computer GENIUSSSSSS.... has put on the net the video we made at Teen Camp this year taking off the Jimmy Fallon Pepsi ad. Everyone in it are counsellors/Head counsellors from Nanoose Bay Teen Camp. ENJOY - he and Kirsten did a brilliant job!


The Outdoor Life

Well, the first week of school is almost over but the sunshine is hanging on. I've been enjoying the outdoor life for a good six weeks or so now. I have always loved my sundeck but since Darrell extended it this summer (way to go babe!) it's been extra-awesome. I don't think I've eaten more then 4 meals indoors in two months. Breakfast on the deck is the best.

This past Monday we ended the summer holidays with a day at our friend's cabin on Lake Cowichan and spent almost the entire day sitting on the dock. As they came back from the first trip out in the boat, Oliver & Brittany explained that Zachary, who had been riding on the boat, was dying to go wakeboarding. This of course made me laugh as Zachary doesn't know how to swim yet (well, only underwater). As a previous-almost-twice-drowner, the thought of sending my un-swum 7 year old out into the dark depths of the lake was crazy. But I tried to be the bigger person as everyone chipped in to attach the boom, and Brett (God Bless You!) explained to Zachary how to hold on. Zachary asked if I was coming in the boat to which I replied "No way - I want to watch you from the dock as you whiz by me on the boat! I'm so excited". Fact is, I knew that I was at risk of passing on my 'is this a good idea' vibe to him if I stayed in the boat.

As it was, my son had the time of his life and I got to see the biggest smile on his face as Brett helped hold the down the boom and Zachary concentrated on keeping his feet on the board. It was a great time with great friends.

And I would post the photos but since my friend Oliver - photographer extraordinaire - has not sent them to me yet, I'm afraid you will have to wait.

Joy up.