Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Calgary Weekend

This past weekend was most enjoyable for me. A couple of months ago my friend Alison invited me to her sister's bridal shower in Calgary. How could I NOT want to be at sweet Jacquelyn's shower? The timing was actually perfect. I had planned to visit Calgary after the birth of my new nephew anyway, and although I probably would have waited a couple of months so he was a little bit bigger (and awake!), it meant I could do both in the same weekend.ROMAN
It also meant I could see my brother & sister-in-law's new house as well as be in town for my niece - Tatum's - birthday party. WOW! What a great way to cram so many things in to a weekend.
I arrived in Calgary on Friday afternoon and Joel & Tania treated me to a lovely Greek meal at Van Gogh (thanks bro!). Let me first say that my nieces are a complete crack-up! Chloe is convinced her prayer life raises dogs from the dead. You will have to ask me for further details, the story is a riot and let me say - that kid has faith that can move mountains. This became a running joke.....driving on that highway will kill ya but at least Chloe's close by....... If you ask I'll give you the full story. Her language is very advanced and she was such a source of enjoyment, pretending she is Moses and chasing Tatum around the house "I love you Sapporah, I love you".

Saturday morning was Tatum's 2nd birthday party with a Veggietales theme. What a little doll she is. Tania had baked a yummy cake and we got to decorate Bob, Larry & Jr. Asparagus. I would say it was a success!
Then at lunchtime Joel kindly drove me to the South West where Jacquelyn's shower was being held. Ever since the invite, it was kept a secret by Alison (and everyone else involved I guess) that I was coming. When I walked in she looked at me a bit confusedly and then her eyes grew as she realized it was really me. It was a lot of fun - I love surprises.Alison had done her usual fantastic job of taking care of the food and the decor and I got to meet Alison and Jacquelyn's lovely friends who until this time I'd only heard about through blogger and facebook! Look forward to seeing some of you again at the wedding! Jac's Mum was very sweet and gave me a gift for making the trip out. Then after the shower I got a visit with Craig who popped in to pick up all the loot and a lovely visit with Alison and Aria as Alison kindly drove me back 'up north'. It was so great to see you two again! I can't wait to hang out again in a few weeks.Three cute friends!
Aria - still a little doll!
Sunday had me at Joel's church for a wonderful morning service, lunch home with the fam. and a delayed but uneventful flight home in the evening. A wonderful time spent with wonderful people who I love very much.